Should Christians Desire Wealth?

Wealth to Witness

A misconception of Christianity is that Christians should not desire wealth, but should only attain means to sustain themselves. This is undoubtedly a myth started and spread by people who do not want Christians to have wealth to have power and influence in the world. And unfortunately, many Christians have bought into this myth for them and their families. In biblical days, everyone who represented God, from Abraham to King Solomon, were exceedingly wealthy. And, Jesus sought people for His entourage who had their own businesses and practices—people who were not influenced by secular bosses, earning hourly wages, but people who had unlimited financial potential, and therefore were respected and influential in their time.

The love of money is the root of all evil.

1Timothy 6:10 KJV

Never let money influence you to act contrary to God’s will, but gain money to advance God’s mission, without limits. Do not use money to purchase “things” in excess for your personal use. When making and spending money, use godly discernment, the same as you must do, as a Christian, with everything in life—from relationships with people to career choices. The more money you have, the more potential you have to promote Jesus Christ.

Wealth is a factor in determining who has control, power and influence in the world. Christians necessitate wealth to influence the world for Christ. Wealth is a product of God’s blessings and when we forfeit our blessing of wealth, we relinquish our ability to spread God’s message throughout the world.

It is not a problem for Christians to be wealthy; it is a problem for Christians, of whatever means, to forget Christ and forget to minister to people for Christ. If wealth will make you turn your back on God, then you should not aspire to be wealthy. In order to do great works for Christ, it is necessary to handle money wisely, for example to use your funds to give away a religious gift. Your faith is in question if you cannot handle money responsibly for Christ.

For more info, read “How to Hear God to Prosper” by VC Edwards.

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