A Gift for You

Salvation offers everything for your advantage and requires only one thing from you—your acceptance of God’s awesome gift, His plan to save you.

God designed the world to operate by love. In order for God to be true to His order, He has to punish everyone who fails to love. But God, in His infinite love and wisdom, has provided man an escape from eternal death, the punishment for not loving. God made an exchange to save us from our deserved fate. He, Himself, stepped forward to be born of a woman, to be subjected to human conditions and temptations. When God was born, He was given a new name. You shall call His name Jesus: for He saves those from sin who accept Him as Lord. (Matthew 1:21) Jesus lived in a world of hate without ever committing a sin, choosing to love, and therefore qualified Himself to be an exchange for us. He accepted total guilt and punishment for our offenses of not loving! Jesus did not give us a license to sin; He gives everyone an opportunity to be free from sin. Even though Jesus died, He is alive—being the only One in history to rise from death, never to die again, but ascend into heaven—proving Himself to be God! —VC Edwards

If you confess that Jesus is your Lord, believing in your heart that

God raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved! (Romans 10:9)

“A Gift For You,” known as “God Was Born,” © VC Edwards 2002-2011, All rights reserved.