Answered Prayers

Avoiding Contradictions for Effective Prayers
By VC Edwards

A common puzzlement in all walks of life is, “Why are some prayers answered and some not?” Prayer (acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord) is the most powerful form of communication, if executed correctly. Prayer is so powerful, if your request is not precise, you can receive the opposite of what you desire. Following are factors that affect the outcome of our prayers.

Thoughtful words

Answered prayers are free of contradicting thoughts and wording. People pray all the time, but many never receive the prayer request they desire because they misuse words and pray contradictory to what they desire. Most prayers never get answered, and some even produce opposite results of what is desired. People believe God knows what we mean when we pray because God knows everything. If we desire one thing, but ask for something different, then there is no reason to assume God knows what we want; the only conclusion that can be made is that we do not know what we want. God gave us the privilege to ask for what we want, in prayer. The fact is that prayer is powerful and we must use extreme care when exercising that privilege. God entrusts us to be single-minded in our faith and in our thinking. We must determine what we want before we pray. If we do not know what we truly want, we need to make a thorough assessment of our situation, before we pray. God is not impressed with fast, thoughtless prayers. So, be careful what you ask or pray. If necessary, take time to write your requests down before you pray. Also, pray frequently, so you do not find yourself in a pressing moment, rambling off words that do not convey your desires.

The Power of God’s Word

Answered prayers do not contradict God’s Word. If you do not operate in God’s wisdom, because you fail to read or study His Word, He is not impressed. Do not pray contradictory to God’s Word. Some Christians bless friends or relatives, who have rejected Christ to follow false gods. We lose our blessings when we go against God’s will. God does not want us to pray for those who are against Him (except to pray that they will come to accept Jesus). Anyone who is an enemy of Christ is an enemy of all Christians. If God were to answer your prayer to bless your enemy, you would forfeit your own blessings. It is like being in a boxing ring with an opponent. Only one boxer will be the victor and someone will lose. If your enemy is blessed (because of your prayers), then you will be the loser. Never bless the enemy. If Christians stop praying for the enemy, non-Christians will realize they cannot win without Christ. They see no need to come to Christ as long as Christians continue to pray for them. Ungodly people do not want to be Christians because Christians often do not show evidence of being blessed—perhaps, because many Christians give their blessings away.

Confirmation of a Christian Life

People, who get their prayers answered, live by Christian principles. Prayers are not answered from the God who answers prayer, for people who live for other “gods.” God does not bless hypocrites; therefore, they often twist the meaning of “blessings” to give the illusion they are blessed. If they win the lottery, they credit God. When accepting an award, singers and actors, who live for false gods, instead of Jesus Christ, the living God, often thank God (or leave the impression they are referring to the living God). What is expressed as a blessing from God, is a trap from the Devil. As long as people receive earthly “rewards,” they neglect to discover God’s awesome power of love towards us, the love that allows us to communicate with God, Himself, through prayer.

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