Marriage Rules of Men

When a man loves a woman.

When a woman is puzzled as to how to “catch” a man, she is inclined to resort to ungodly lifestyles in hopes of getting married. A woman, who does not understand how men think, willingly lives with a man unmarried, believing that is a pathway to marriage. However, a man generally lives with a woman unmarried when he does not want to get married, but wants companion until he finds the one he wants to marry.

Men have certain rules. A woman may want to hear, “I love you,” but a man, typically, reserves those 3-words for the woman he wants to marry. Women, at times, perceive men to be unromantic, but that is only when a man hasn’t found the right woman and he does not want to lead the wrong woman to believe he will eventually marry. A man typically wants a woman to figure him out, without hurting her feelings. (While a man, who lives with a woman unmarried, is no saint, he tries to do damage control, for the damage he creates not being totally truthful to a woman.)

Women should be glad to know though, that men are really much like women; they are looking for true love, also. When a man finds a woman he loves, everything changes. A man in love will express his love, maybe even in song or poetry. And he will not delay to “pop the question.” He will be swift to propose, fearing she will get away. A man, who has found true love, will plan every detail of his romantic proposal, like a woman plans a wedding.

So, women, learn from men (to reserve special sentiments for that special one), and hold to Christian principles, which instruct you to keep yourself pure until marriage. Do not spend time with the wrong man, and do not give any marriage privileges to a man who has not committed to you in marriage. Instead, be particular, and wait in faith, for the man who shows you love and considers it a privilege to tell you.

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