When God has a Job for You

God Wants You

Countless individuals throughout history, who had no significant purpose in life, have been given an opportunity to be used for God, such as Rahab, a prostitute, who hid God’s people from her own (Joshua 2). Down through history, God has used people to pass on a message, block communication, protect women and children, provide sustenance to God’s people, stand up for a devout cause, and so on. Everyone who has ever come to God, started with one simple act for God.

Many people do not think God would ever want them to help Him carry out an assignment, while there are others who have sought a mission to do for God. Whatever one thinks, God is willing to use anyone, who is humble. Each person who has carried out God’s will, in the smallest way, has advanced God’s mission for all humanity.

While Rahab did not necessarily live upright, she had the business sense to know when a once-in-a-lifetime offer was presented to her. She properly discerned that this opportunity would advance God’s mission, not man’s greed. And she had the good sense to seize the opportunity, understanding it would be an honor to do anything for the God, who she had long heard was Supreme.

When God asks you to do something for Him, do not make the mistake of questioning God’s judgment. Do not worry about the life you have led. Simply, give God your sincere best. Whatever God has you do, it will not be anything you are incapable of doing. You already have whatever ability or skill needed. In Rahab’s case, she had to simply keep a secret for God’s people. Sometimes God can use worldly people, simply because they know how the world operates; they know the patterns of seedy activity and street life, in order to infiltrate an area and effectively protect those who are on a mission for Christ.

Once you have worked for God, He will bless you with opportunity to leave your previous lifestyle, as He did Rahab. Once you have worked for God, and proven your loyalty, God no longer considers you an outsider; He wants you on His team for eternity, to privilege you with all the blessings of one of His own.

When God takes you by surprise, one day, and asks you to stand up for His purpose, trust God’s judgment and be glad God considers you worthy to carry out an assignment for Him.

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© VC Edwards 2009